Year Twelve, Twenty-Thirteen

So, it’s been three (only three?!?) months since I started my final year of high school.

At the moment, I am on holiday after a very very quick ten weeks. Here are my 12 so-far thoughts on Year Twelve:

{1} I’m almost 100% sure that I am not tall enough to be in Year 12. I distinctly remember being in Year 7, looking at the Year 12’s and thinking… – well I can’t actually remember what exactly I was thinking, but I do remember having to look up to speak to them. Most of the Year 7’s this year, however, are either as tall or taller than me. I swear I’m not that short. I’m actually the second tallest in my family! (after Tem whose legs, by Bannister standards, go on foreverrrrrr.)

{2} Media should be classified as an independent study unit.

{3} This, applied to all pieces of assessment:


{4} Getting up half an hour earlier than necessary to read my many array of blog subscriptions is totally worth it.

{5} Being a captain is so much more demanding and rewarding than I ever could have expected.

{6} I no longer have time to read for fun.

{7} Wayyyyyy too much of the time I do have is spent on the computer/ Internet.

{8} My ATAR estimate was a lot less scary than anticipated.

{9} It’s so strange when the teachers treat me like an adult because I certainly don’t feel like one.

{10} If choosing to stay at home and watch movies in bed on a Friday (and Saturday) night is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

{11} Tea cures all panics/ breakdowns/ stress related ‘stiches.

{12} Slow down time!

Overall, being in Yr 12 is pretty darn great.

But get back to me next term when I’m presenting 5 orals in the space of 2 weeks.




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