The Rainbow Nation

I’m going to South Africa in two days. TWO DAYS. I still can’t quite believe it. And I haven’t even packed yet. And we’re leaving for Sydney tomorrow. I know, I know. All the clothes that I want to take are ready (if you count ‘ready’ as being in my cupboard …) I just haven’t exactly put them inside the suitcase yet.

I am so unbelievably excited. Obviously the thing I’m most looking forward to are seeing my family and friends. I’ve said this before, but in my head, my school buddies are still the same little year sevens I left them as. I can’t wait to see how they’ve all grown up.

But there are also some other things I am pretty pumped for. And so (naturally) I had to make them into a list of all of them.

  1. The Gautrain -It was built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and we left before we saw it finished. I’m curious to see what all the fuss is about.
  2. MARSHMALLOWS – because no matter what any Australian says, the marshmallows here are pretty rubbish compared to SA’s
  3. another food item that I haven’t eaten in almost four years (!) because they are rubbish in Aus compared to Joburg: DONUTS – need I say more? Seriously, the first time I tasted an Australian donut I almost cried it was so disappointing. #firstworldproblems
  4. Tamaryn – my Grandpa’s dog and, quite possibly, one of the cutest animals on this planet.
  5. and since we’re on the subject of adorable pets: Liberty – she’s just had another set of beautiful puppies who will grow up to become guide dogs, so we might be able to see her and the babies!
  6. Martha – this isn’t confirmed yet but I really hope we get a chance to see my second mom/ best cook/ funniest woman in the world
  7. Shopping – I am beyond excited to hit Monte Casino, Fourways and Sandton for some retail therapy
  8. The Restaurant; Milky Lane  (ohmygoodnessoftserveicecream), Wimpy (ohmygoodnesstomatosauce) and Spur (ohmygoodnessyum)
  9. Biltong – I should really write a second post for all the food I’m looking forward to having while in SA. At this rate they’re going to have to roll me off the plane when we get back.

Alright, I really need to go and pack now.




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