Preachin' to the choir
Preachin’ to the choir

I think it’s high time I started a series on this blog. Trying to keep myself accountable to posting here regularly and all that jazz.

This is seriously motivation at it’s finest: write about something that combines both a beautiful birthday present and an opportunity to cross something off my 18 while 18.

So here we have it: Tea-tasting.

For my 18th birthday I received a gorgeous tea-set and an assortment of weird and wonderful teas from some very special friends.

One thing that people know about me is that I LOVE TEA.

One thing that people don’t know about me is that when I say I LOVE TEA, what I really mean is that I only ever drink English Breakfast and decaffeinated English Breakfast  (an hour before bed – if you’re wondering).

And I feel like a bit of a fraud (sort of).

So I wanted to challenge myself and expand my palate to include a wide range of teas.

And who knows what will happen? Maybe I’ll end up hating all the teas and never again drink anything other than English Breakfast. But I’m okay with that, because at least I’ll know I tried and will happily call myself a legitimate tea-loving obsessed girl.

So stay tuned! Because tomorrow, I’m officially adding ‘tea-taster and critic’ to my résumé.




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