Adventure Is Out There


The first thing that people say to me when they find out that I’m currently on my gap year is “Oh, great! So, what are you doing?”

My answer? “Umm, well, I’d like to explore Europe.”

That’s it. That’s all I can say. And if that sounds like a pretty feeble and vague response, it’s because it is.

The truth is that I’m still not entirely sure. I’ve got a vague idea of what I want to do, but I’m finding more and more that what the ideas in my head and the actual possibilities are not matching up quite as well as I’d hoped

What I do know is that I want to have as many new experiences as I possibly can and make the most of this gap year . I want to see my family in England. I want to drink Guinness in a Dublin pub. I want to eat real Swiss chocolate in Switzerland. And I want to make at least one friend in every place that I visit.

As with most young people who are travelling sans les parents, I have a very, very tight budget. But I’ve recently decided (like, two-minutes ago recently) that no matter how little money I travel on, I will make the most of my trip.

Because I know that ~and if you’re allergic to terrible cliche’s, look away now~ I know that adventure is out there.

I’ve just got to do a little digging, a little researching (drooling over articles like this counts as researching right?) and a little planning to find it.

And because I’m not a completely disorganised teenager who probably shouldn’t be allowed to explore foreign countries by herself, I’ve put together a list of places that I’d really really like to see/explore.

1 // Colmar, France

How stunning does this place look?!
How stunning does this place look?!

Apparently, Colmar is like the “Disney princess” of towns. I am probably the biggest Disney nerd there is (I seriously considered spending six months of my gap year in America working as a character at Disney land!) so of course I’d have to visit this beautiful place. Plus it’s in France which makes it about 100 times better.

2 // The Downton Abbey Castle

Highclere Castle in Berkshire

I know that this castle probably has a proper name, but to me it will always be “The Downton Abbey Castle”. I am a massive fan of the show – it is seriously the highlight of my Sunday. Perhaps while I’m there I’ll have a little chat to the writers about some of the story lines, though: ahem, Matthew, Sybil and most recently Anna 😦

3 // Bibury, England


This town looks like something out of a dream. A magical, magical dream.

4 // Abbey Road


Because how could I go to London and not recreate the above photo with three friends 😉

5 // Bergen, Norway


Further proving that I’m a sucker for all things Disney, Norway quickly became a must-see after watching Frozen about 100 times.

Aaaannnd I better stop here because if I were to put down all the places in my head we would be here until April, 2017. Hopefully I’ll have a better itinerary for you in a few weeks!




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