Make-Believe // Meeting a Princess

For the past three weeks I’ve been glued to the television watching every arrival, every wave and, of course every outfit change that comes with a Royal Tour. I honestly thought I could not be more excited at the prospect of their arrival here in Canberra, but that changed quickly as the sun went down on Sunday night and I found myself standing outside Government House and waving (perhaps a tad too frantically) at William, Kate and their chubby baby George as they drove past. Yes, I think that’s when Royal fever *officially* hit.

My mom and I have got our Royal sight-seeing locations planned out and I’ve just now put the finishing touches on what I’ll be wearing. Since it’s well and truly Autumn in Canberra which means the temperatures are dipping, you’ve got to make sure that you’re not only warm but also stylish. After all, you are meeting* a princess**.

(1) // (2) // (3) // (4) // (5) // (6) // (7)

*When I say “meeting” I mean “waving from a barrier”. Which is also why flat shoes and a large bag are a must. The shoes – so that you’re comfortable even when 2 hours into your 4 hour wait for their arrival and the bag – to keep people from encroaching upon your royal-watching space 😉

**And when I say “Princess”, I know that her proper title is “Duchess”, but details, details.




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