Make-Believe // Room Makeover

Later this year, my older sister is moving out of our house and into her very own apartment. While I will of course miss her terribly (although she has ordered a sleeper couch for spontaneous sleepovers which I’m quite excited about), her leaving the nest does mean that I will get to have my own room. Currently, I share a room with my younger sister and while this is not a problem at all – we get along really well, and she is relatively neat, although she does have a habit of leaving her bed unmade before she goes to school* – sometimes a gal just needs a place to call her very own.

At the moment I’m loving the crisp look of white sheets, and then having lots of colourful accents – pillows, lanterns and rugs. Plus a Peter Alexander vanilla-caramel scented candle to make it all smell in-cred-i-ble (I literally have to be dragged away from that shop whenever I pass it.)

(1) // (2) // (3) // (4) // (5) // (6) // (7) // (8)

*what a completely laughable first world problem.

Even if I don’t managed to buy everything on this list (very likely, considering money doesn’t grow on trees and all), I am definitely going to be ordering that Matilda pillow. Favourite childhood book by my favourite childhood author right there.




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