Fitness Review: X-tend Barre Class

Exercise and I have a bit of a complicated relationship. Let’s just say I’d rather sit on the couch eating peanut M&M’s and watching re-runs of the Real Housewives’ of New York City/ Orange County/ Beverly Hills, than be outside pounding the pavements.

The thing is, I know how important exercising is for you and I’ve always wanted to be the type of person who sees it as more of a habit than a chore.

To give you an idea of where I am in terms of exercising: One time, I did the Canberra Times 5km fun run and then convinced myself I’d earned a get-out-of-exercise free card for the next six months. True story.

I recently found out that when my mom was my age, she was running marathons every other month. Her reason? “Because, to me, running was fun and so I enjoyed it.” ‘Fun’ and ‘enjoy’ are probably the two words I would never associate with exercise.

That is, until now.

Yesterday morning, I took myself off to an X-tend Barre class. The studio just opened here in Canberra last week and I hope it will be here to stay. Before the class, I was a little anxious because I am extremely uncoordinated and don’t have any previous dancing experience. However, the instructor was so lovely and put my nerves at ease, saying that you don’t need to be a dancer to be able to do X-tend Barre, and that it was okay if I lost the beat for a few counts.

By the end of the lesson I couldn’t believe that forty-five minutes had already passed so quickly (although my legs and arms could definitely tell).  This morning, I woke up and quite a few muscles in the abdominal area are hurting. Not in a bad way, but in an I-did-something-good-for-you-muscles-so-stop-complaining way.


So, if you’re looking to add something different to your exercise routine, feel muscles that you didn’t even know existed burn, and have some fun, I would seriously recommend giving X-tend Barre a go. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an intense work-out, but it felt so good to get my heart pumping and my body moving.  I ended up having such a good time that despite the sore and shaky muscles, I’m actually looking forward to my next class. And, that is what exercising is all about.

More details:

The X-tend Barre studio is located (just to the right of The Uni Pub) at: 1st floor, 35-37 London Circuit, Canberra



(Image source: The X-tend Barre Canberra Facebook page)


2 thoughts on “Fitness Review: X-tend Barre Class

  1. Ooh Maeve I am dying to try Xtend Barre! So far every time I’ve gotten motivated enough the classes have been full but this post has definitely made me want to give it a shot even more! 🙂

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