Things only girls with short hair will understand

Back in March, I did the World’s Greatest Shave with two of my sisters. Now that we are finally seeing the beginnings of a proper pixie cut (as opposed to having a bald head), I thought I’d compile this post to try capture what we’ve been feeling.

Note: These are actual situations that all three of us have experienced. I assure you, when you’re thinking “Sheesh, somebody actually said that?” Why yes, yes they did.

So without further ado, here is a list of things that only girls with short hair will understand:

When you think you’ll look this all the time:


But mostly you look like this:


When people think that it doesn’t take you long in the morning to do your hair:


At the moment, my hair is long enough that it sticks up in every direction, but short enough that I can’t style it back down without dunking whole head in water and starting again.

When no amount of water will flatten your hair so you just decide to not leave the house all day:

My parents
Why yes, yes it is.

When people tell you that “boys don’t like girls with short hair”:


I don’t remember ever saying I was cutting my hair to get a boyfriend.

When it’s in that awkward growing out stage:

Growing it out

I’m surprised my friends still go out in public with me.

When people ask if you have any bobby pins/hair ties that they can borrow:

Use Your Brain

When friends with long hair get a “hair cut” (aka: 5cm of split ends off the bottom), and then complain about how it’s “soooo short” and will take “agesssss” to grow back:

Eye roll

When people think it’s okay to ask if you’re a lesbian:


Actually it’s none of your business.

When you realise that long hair actually does keep you warm, and you no longer have that luxury:


When, at the end of the day, despite all of this, you still love having short hair:


Because you know it’s super fierce:


And pretty difficult to pull off:


So here’s to you fellow short-haired ladies! Keep being fabulous:


Love, Maeve4




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