Snapshots // July

My name is Maeve and I watch an awful lot of reality TV.

– Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/OC/Melbourne/NYC/Atlanta.

– Dance Moms.

– Sister Wives.

– Extreme Couponing.

– America’s Next Top Model.

– The Bachelor. 

– Chrisley Knows Best.

– Say Yes to the Dress.

The list is getting extensive.

Seriously, if it’s on the Lifestyle YOU/ Home & Health channel, I’ve probably watched an episode or two*.

Why does this relate at all to this month’s snapshot? Because at the beginning of July I made a new (to me) discovery on the reality television front: Vanderpump Rules.“For these servers, there’s reality and then there’s REAL-ality”, is the actual tagline for the show. Best. Ever.

While discovering VR was a highlight**, here are some of the other things that made my month, including the purchasing of a plane ticket and the passing of a citizenship test:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
This receipt: because even though my bank balance is looking a little (read: a lot) less full, it’s so worth it when I think about what I’m going to be doing on this 28 day Grand European tour. I feel a happy dance coming on just thinking about it.
These rat-scallions: because the problem with taking a photo with the camera on the back of your phone (whose lens you didn’t clean beforehand) is that you can’t tell that you’re the only one smiling until you go back and look at it later.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
These sprinkled delicious-es: because Monday night cupcake-baking is what gap years are all about.
This exciting letter: because, hey! Thanks Mr Morrison (and the people of Australia), this means so, so much.
This print: because, as someone who’s just bought a return ticket to London, I can say, with 101% certainty, that nothing is more true.

Here’s hoping August brings a bit more productivity ’round these parts.

Then again, maybe not.

Love, Maeve4



*And by episode or two, I of course mean the whole season.

**Your judgmental eye-rolls are not appreciated.


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