The First-Time-Traveller’s Guide To The Galaxy*

*Well, not quite

Me and my friend, Shauna, about to depart Sydney!

A couple of weeks ago I caught up with my friend Alice, who was heading off on a month long trip to Florence a few days after New Years. Since I’ve just gotten back from Europe, she asked me for a few of my ‘travel tips’ and let me tell you, once I started, I could not stop talking (sorry about that Alice – I got a bit carried away!).

While I’m certainly no expert and made plenty of mistakes even the biggest rookie would shake his head at, I did learn a few things that might help a first-time traveler and so (hoping that I don’t sound too much like those girls from last year’s MKR) I’ve decided put together a little guide on some of the cities I was lucky enough to visit.

Comin’ at ya on Tuesday: Paris! Including – How to make the most of one day in the City of Lights, tourist traps to avoid, and the surprising thing I found out about cafe’s …

Love, Maeve4


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