Happy Friday!

And, more importantly, HAPPY GALENTINE’S DAY!


Leslie Knope = My Spirit Animal

This year I’ll be celebrating at a ‘Purple Haze’ end of O-Week party that’s being run by my university, with my best gals (of course) :

+ Maddy, who was taking this photo!

And because it’s almost the weekend, here are a few things on the internet that I’ve enjoyed this week:

My new favourite Instagram account.

Apparently, these are The 36 Questions That Lead to Love. My question is this: are you supposed to work these questions in to normal conversation, or are both people supposed to be aware that these questions are being asked to lead you to fall in love with each other? And if it’s the latter, how are you supposed to ask someone (presumably someone you’ve just met/just started dating) if they’d like to do these questions with you, without sounding completely desperate? And also, do you ask them all in one sitting? Or is it, like, over a period of a few dates? Am I over-thinking this?  I’m probably over-thinking this.

My favourite song at the moment.

Barack Obama is the best.

Cats Caught Stealing.

Advice for young journalists.

This made me laugh a lot (because it’s so true).

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Maeve4


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