What Maeve Did // February

This February has been a good ‘un. I started university, met up with a girl who I last saw in South Africa at her farewell party about 12 years ago (a story for another day), went back to my old school to see the new renovations, and drank a whole lot of coffee. If February was an indicator of what the rest of 2015 will be like, I’m pretty pumped.

Here are a few things that made my month:

I’m sure walking through this everyday will never get old.
photo (2)
Because, why study when you can drink coffee with your friends?!
Spotted this guy while on my way to French!
photo (1)
Back at my old high school to see the new renovations!
As Alice so aptly put it: “We’re laughing because we’re two years out of school, and still have no idea what to do with our lives.” (Also this is quite possibly my favourite picture. Ever.)

February, you were pretty great. But now I’m just here like:


Love, Maeve4


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