Happy Canberra Day!


A few weeks ago, I started university at ANU. You would not believe how many times already I’ve overheard people from other states saying something along the lines of “You know what, everyone at home said how sorry they were that I’ve had to come to Canberra for uni, but it actually not even that bad!”  Too right out-of-towner. Canberra really isn’t “that bad”, not even in the slightest. In fact, I think it’s pretty great!  As they say, “good things come in small packages”, and every year when March 9 comes around, I like to take some time to appreciate this small, but awesome, city I’m lucky enough to call home.

My dad has always said that Canberra is Australia’s best kept secret. Last year, it became official, with Canberra being ranked as Australia’s most liveable city.  Some of the things that earned us the crown include outdoor recreation, education and safety. While I think all these are great, and definitely have a hand in making Canberra what it is, I’ve decided that there’s a few more  reasons why it is not only the most liveable city in Australia, but also, *gasp*, the best.

The National Arboretum


One of the capital’s lesser known and newest attractions is the National Arboretum. I think one of the best parts of the Arboretum is what it represents – a fresh start which has emerged after the catastrophic bushfires of 2003. With 100 fledgling forests (marking the first 100 years of Canberra) over the 250-hectare site, the Arboretum is an attraction which will continue to grow, and we will continue to benefit from, for the next 100 years (and more!).

The Five Seasons

Hot air balloons

Canberra is one of the only cities in Australia that experiences all four seasons distinctively. By that I mean, you can feel the changes of seasons happening throughout the year, which I think is really satisfying. Right now is my favourite time of year. The weather’s cooling down but it hasn’t been daylight savings yet, so the sun’s still staying awake long enough for spontaneous family barbeques.

Another plus? Canberra’s unique fifth season, that of the hot air balloons, has arrived. This year it’s my goal to be a spectator on (at least) one day of the Canberra Balloon Spectacular .



Running over four nights, FASHFEST celebrates Canberra’s diverse local design talent, and recognises both established and emerging designers. This year, FASHFEST will be held from 16th-18th of May and, for the first time, will include some interstate and international designers. As the biggest fashion event held in Canberra, FASHFEST promises an exciting experience. I’m looking forward to what will be on show at this years’!

In saying all of this, I’m not about to pretend that I, personally, know every single ‘undiscovered’ gem of Canberra. Canberra has so many truly delightful things going for it, and I’m the first to admit that I definitely haven’t dug them all up yet. But I guess that’s part of the fun of living here – knowing that there’s still so much I can explore! So this Canberra day, take a few moments to think about the things you love about the city.

Love, Maeve4



This post was first published on OutinCanberra.


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