Hello again.

The view from my window as the sun went down this afternoon.


Hey there.

I’ve been wanting for a while to get back into this blogging thing. Like, I have a lot of thoughts-on-things that I’d like to get down. Because the reason why I started this blog in the first place was  to procrastinate Yr 11 maths exam study  so that I’d have a space to put my thoughts-on-things down, to make room for new thoughts-on-things.

In the past couple of months, some other stuff took priority. Stuff like working two jobs and studying and nannying and essay-writing and reading and wanderlusting and skyping friends who live much too far away and basically just trying to navigate my way through my first semester of my first year of university.

But, as of last Saturday, I am finished (for the six week semester break, at least. I’ll be right back at it late-July.)

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had some pretty significant experiences. The kind that, one day, I’ll maybe write about in a hard-backed book which will rest on somebody’s bookshelf between Yes Please and The God of Small Things*.

When I say ‘significant experiences’, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of mixed bags; lollies, hampers, wardrobes, people. And now, blogs! Mine is a mixed-bag-blog.

For example, I’ve found the perfect brow gel that helps me channel my inner Cara Delevigne, without making me look like Groucho Marx. (Not that Groucho Marx’s eyebrows weren’t fabulous. I’m just not sure I could pull them off.)  So,  there’s a few “beauty” posts in the works.

Next, I’ve made it my goal to try every on-campus eatery by the time I finish my undergraduate degree at the end of 2017. I’d like to leave some reviews on here so that fellow ANU-goers (and just Canberra-dwellers in general) can be enlightened about the awesome little gems hidden around the place. Like, did you know that there is a miniature version of The Gods next to Coombs that serves the most AMAZING crounts? So, look out for some attempts at food-bloggery.

I’ve also had my first boyfriend – which was great. And my first break-up – which was not-so-great. So, perhaps a few words on that sometime.

And the other day my sister was like, “Maeve! Why haven’t you written any more city guides?!”. And I was like, “Hey! I really enjoyed writing that! I should totally write some more!”. So, I will.

There you have it. A little  taste of what’s coming over the next six weeks.

And *hopefully* by the time I start the second semester of uni, I’ll have made blogging a habit.

Because I’ve really missed writing for myself. Not for essay’s on Virginia Woolf (one super interesting gal), or whether a Prime Minister or a President is more domestically powerful (PM btw), or Baz Luhrmann’s cinematographic style (OTT, not for everyone, fabulous all the same).

For me. And you, too, I guess, since you’re reading this right now.


I’m quite excited.

Love, Maeve4



*If my future book has even a thimbles-worth of the wit/thoughtfulness/inspiration/general awesomeness of these two books, and is worthy of sharing a bookshelf with them, I’ll have fulfilled all my life goals. 


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