What Maeve Did // August

The fact that my last blog post was about what I did in July, it’s pretty clear that August was extremely busy. Mostly just the usual – university assignments, working, babysitting, tutoring, trying not to drown in weekly readings, you know how it is. In between all this, August did have a few exciting events like: my very first uni ball, a French soirée, and lots of birthday celebrations for some of my favourite people.

Here’s what I got up to in the last month of winter (!)

Ready for an evening of well-mannered frivolity.
Squad squad squad.
This photo perfectly captures three things: (1) How uni balls are more fun than formal was, (2) How my friends (especially this brilliant human) make me the happiest, and (3) How most of the night was spent in what felt like a blur – a side effect of the large amount of champs consumed by all.

The view from my window: 20 degrees! Two Saturdays ago! Spring!
Les bons temps à Belle Époque!
This year I joined a mixed Touch Football team with some friends. I played team sport! In Winter! It was cold a.f.! I scored a try one time! Our team won a game one time! We didn’t come last on the ladder! I guess you could say it was a pretty successful season for Touch Booty.
Happy half-way-to-fifty to my fave.

This winter was shaping up to be kind of the worst. But August, you changed that right ’round. Thanks for that.

September, let’s do this.

Love, Maeve4

P.S: New travel guide coming tomorrow on Dublin! x


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