Life, etc.

Canberra, I might just miss you. 

Last night I watched NCIS. Not because I’m a fan. Not because I’m particularly interested in crime/drama/forensics shows. Just because I’ve finished all my assessment for this semester and it was on and I could without feeling guilty for not doing something productive. I’m still trying to get used to not having an essay to write or a lecture to watch or an exam to study for or a (weekly) set novel to read.

Oh, by the way, I’m moving to Stockholm. Just for six months – I’m going on exchange at Stockholm University. I’m leaving in August. There’s a lot to organise still. But also, not. I want to have a place to document my time overseas in words and pictures in the moment. Because holy shit am I bad at developing photos into something after the fact. “Make a book of my gap year photo’s” has been on my bucket list for two years now. It’s a little embarrassing.

Also, I recently finished a creative writing course at uni which I loved and which made me realise that I really want to do this whole writing thing. My lecturer (who also happened to be my tutor/ the best person ever) said the best piece of advice she had for writers in this day and age is to get your work ‘out there’ as much as possible. Publishers want to be shown that you’ve got people who read what you write, and would potentially buy it. So hey, hello any future publishers reading this! We’ve got a little following over here, you’re welcome to join.

In other news, I updated my ‘About Page’ to be a little less, well, obnoxious. It needs a bit of work but for now – that’ll do, donkey.

So I mean, get ready is all I can say. About to be a whole lot of rambling and bad photos going up in this place.

Love, Maeve4


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